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Custom Magnetic Die Storage (with YT Video)

Updated: Jan 15

Die cutting is one of my favorite techniques for card making and paper crafting. I have owned a Big Shot die-cutting machine for many, many years, and it's still going strong. Last year, I purchased the Stampin' Up! Mini Stampin' Cut & Emboss Machine (pictured) to give me a more portable option.

Now, while my die cutting machines have their own place of honor in my studio, I struggle to organize my die sets so that they are easy to reach, visible to sort, and lightweight enough to move where I need them. These lovelies are made of STEEL, so they can get quite heavy as a collection.

I have investigated the various die storage systems online, and there are a number of them that I would LOVE to own! Unfortunately, my wee budget sings a different tune. I simply cannot afford many of these systems and, frankly, I would rather spend my craft budget on more dies!

My solution? I made my own custom magnetic storage system with just a few supplies:

  • A shoe/photo box

  • Marietta Magnetics 8.5" x 11" Plain Magnet Sheets 30 mil - 10 Pack

  • Chipboard - 8.5" x 11" 22 pt (100 sheets) - 100% Recycled - Made in USA (optional)

  • Double-sided tape

Using some heavy-duty scissors, I cut chipboard to the size of the cardstock found in my original Stampin' Up! die set package, and then cut a magnetic sheet to the same size. I used double-sided tape to sandwich the pieces together, and then I transferred all my dies to the

new magnetic storage and placed them back into their original plastic envelope from Stampin' Up! Easy peasy! I also kept the original labeling from Stampin' Up! and left it in my custom package, as well. There's a method to my madness!

For more on my storage system, and how I placed everything in my custom package for maximum efficiency, please visit my YouTube channel and watch "Custom Magnetic Storage for Die Sets." It's only 10:01 in length! Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting. Until next time, Happy New Year and may God bless!

***** UPDATE: *****

Like some of the products I used in my video? Check Amazon for Magnet sheets Chipboard 10-inch mixed media shears (scissors)

Full disclosure: I am a new member of the Amazon Associates Program and may receive a small commission through this link - at no additional cost to you.

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