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Holiday Card Sending - Plan Ahead

Do you like to send holiday cards? I do!

This year, with on-going issues with mailing and other carrier services, I think it's time to make a card sending plan. I've put together a timeline that I think will work for me, but you may want to consider what works for you and your activities for the rest of the year. If you work a full-time job or have a schedule that isn't flexible, you may need to add extra days or weeks to my timeline.

Keep in mind that the closer we get to the major holidays, the longer it will take to mail and ship everything! We've already experienced longer than normal times since the beginning of 2020, and the outlook for this year doesn't seem to be any better. In fact, it may be getting worse. What is your experience in your location? If my table below doesn't appear to give you enough of a safety net, back it up by one or two weeks.

Halloween and Veterans' Day might be considered "minor" holidays, although they are significant to many. By the time we're thinking about Thanksgiving, online ordering, shopping, and shipping have reached a frantic pace! I've built in a bit of extra time to allow for contingencies in my plan, but I can make no guarantees. A lot depends on our national situation.

For Stampin' Up! products, also keep in mind that we have been ordering from the holiday catalog for a couple of months now, and some items are already on low inventory or backorder. If you have your heart set on something specific, get it NOW! If it is not orderable at the moment, keep a check every couple of days. When supplies are replenished, it should be available again. Use this link to order:

Here's my holiday card ordering/making/sending plan. Feel free to CASE (Copy And Steal Everything) for your own personal use:


Order Supplies No Later than

Estimated Time of Arrival


Mail/Ship No Later than

Halloween (Oct 31)


End of September

First 2 to 2-1/2 weeks of October

October 21-24

Veterans' Day (Nov 11)

September 23

First week of October

​By end of October

​November 4

Thanksgiving (Nov 25, 2021)

October 3

Last week of October

First 2 weeks of November

November 15

Christmas (Dec 25)

October 15

End of October

​End of November

December 4

New Year's Day (Jan 1)

Early- to Mid-November

First week of December


December 22 (longer distances); Dec 24 (locally)

I hope this is helpful for you! As always, I appreciate your visit and hope you will trust me with your Stampin' Up! needs. Until next time, may God bless!

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