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Identify Current Stampin' Up! Cardstock with a Swatch Ring! Limited time discount through this post!

Have you ever gathered up a few pieces of cardstock for a project and then laid them aside to put back in their place later? If so, you may have been like me and asked yourself what color(s) they were! If you work with the colors frequently, that may not be a problem - but what if you don't? What if it's a new color you can't identify yet?

Or maybe you have some designer series paper, and you're wondering which two or three colors would complement it well. How can you do that easily? Look through every full-size piece of cardstock to see what works?

Now you can solve these problems easily with my new custom swatch ring! These swatches contain every current Stampin' Up! cardstock color, beginning with the May 2023 color refresh and new 2023-2025 In Color paper. That's 53 total colors!

Each piece of cardstock is labeled clearly with its color name and product order number. That way, you can easily add cardstock to a Stampin' Up! order without going to the catalog. There is also a little extra room for notes on the labels, just in case you want to remember something about a particular color.

I've been using a swatch ring just like this for more than a year now, and I've been surprised how often I take it down from its hook to use as a reference for a project. Or, I'm simply clearing away sheets of cardstock and need to verify the colors before filing them away. They're also handy to hold up to my ribbon box to match various colors or embellishments.

As I created these custom rings, I asked myself how I would want them organized. I opted to put all colors in alphabetical order by name to start. After all, everyone will have their own ideas about how to organize them. Some may want to keep them in alphabetical order, while others may want to group them by similar colors, or even by Stampin' Up! color collections.

Here I've grouped them by color. It's easy to spot the groupings by looking at the stack from the side. It's also easy to open and close the binder ring to rearrange the cards. Even so, I find that the rings hold together well enough until I'm ready to separate the ends.

You can find a limited supply of these Stampin' Up! cardstock swatch rings in my Etsy store at

While the regular price is $18.95, plus tax and shipping, I want to reward your loyalty for being a website subscriber and visitor to my blog today! For that reason, I am offering a 10% discount code on the unit price through June 16, 2023! Hurry! Offer expires on June 16! Use this instant link to apply the discount, OR enter SAVE10 in the appropriate box in the Etsy store. The special discount applies ONLY to this new swatch ring!

I hope you'll consider this handy tool for your paper crafting fun! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, happy stamping!

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