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Organize Your Stampin' Up! Cardstock with Color-Coded Hanging Folder Labels

How do you store your 8-1/2" x 11" Stampin' Up! Cardstock? Are you happy with your storage?

I have tried a number of ways to store my Stampin' Up! cardstock and, oddly enough, the one I thought I would like least is the one I like most!! I store my cardstock in hanging folders in a filing cabinet. I always assumed I would end up bending my papers, or that the filing system would be too time-consuming. Thankfully, neither has been true!

My filing cabinet has only two drawers, which gets a little tight for storing both current and retired colors, but I try to use up retired colors quickly and then add in the new. Of course, there are surely filing cabinets of different depths that you may have. Mine is pretty shallow from front to back.

I also file my papers so that it's easy to update the drawer when I add or delete colors. How? There are five tab positions in my hanging folders, from left to right. All colors starting with "A" are in tab position #1, all colors starting with "B" are in tab position #2, etc. That way, when I add or delete papers, I just drop in a new folder in the correct position by letter of the alphabet. I never have to re-position a single label on a hanging folder to keep it in order! That would just take away from my crafting time! Yikes!

Also, this system gives me a ready-made place to store my paper scraps. See those file folders inside the hanging folders? That's where I store all my paper scraps of any size - with their appropriate color. It's a real time-saver!!

I love my paper storage system so much that I wanted to make it easy for you to organize yours, too! That's why I created custom labels for your hanging file folders. These fit the 1/5 cut hanging folders; i.e. folders with 5 tab positions across the top. I used the official Stampin' Up! colors to create these labels. I have two versions: (1) ink-saver version (left); and (2) full-color version (right). The labels are lined up both vertically and horizontally for easy cutting with a paper trimmer.

You can find these now in my Etsy store for digital download. No product is shipped. Simply order the item you want, download instantly, print at home, cut, and start organizing!

Here's what customers are saying: Current 2023-2024 version:

"Saved me the time and effort to put this together myself! Appreciate your work so I could update all my files!"

Jenny - May 7, 2023

Last year's version:

"Just what I needed. These labels printed out great. They'll really help me organize my Stampin' Up! papers."

Debbie - April 21, 2023

"Just what I needed with an immediate download!"

Kathie - March 3, 2023

If you'd like to order these from my Etsy store, visit me here: You'll see the current labels titled with "NEW May 2023." If you still have cardstock from last year, you can still get the labels; they're titled "Retiring May 2023." Enjoy!

Until next time, be sure to remember your mom today for a Happy Mother's Day! And my very best wishes to all of you who are honored to be a mom today!

Bye for now. May God bless!

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