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US Postal Service Mailing Guidelines

I belong to several Facebook groups that focus on cards and card making. One of those groups is having a discussion today about Christmas cards (and packages) that were mailed at various times during the holidays. Some are still waiting for delivery!

I'm sure we can all relate to the late arrivals over time - and how impatient we get when mail or packages take longer than we expect. We're facing unprecedented times! Our mail distribution center in central North Carolina (Greensboro) has been seriously impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as massive volume this year. Knowing this, I try to figure out workarounds when possible. That's what I want to talk about today.

The US Postal Service tries to help us help them! They post info on their website to help us send our mail the best way so that it arrives safely and on time. They offer tips on choosing envelopes and postcards, as well as how to address them. Do you know you should use all capital letters to address mail - and leave out commas and periods?! Do you know that there are official abbreviations for things like "suites," "apartments," and "units"? Do you know that you can key an address into the USPS website, and it will adjust it to their official address for your recipient?

Do you also know that mail should be rectangular and within a certain thickness to be mailed with regular first-class postage? When we make square or thick cards, they become non-machinable and require additional postage!

I could post a number of guidelines, but the best idea is to provide the web address so that you always have official, up-to-date info. To learn how to prepare your mail - and assist the post office to deliver it in a timely fashion - visit

Thanks for visiting today! May God bless and keep you until we meet again.

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